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let the smoke-a-thon begin!

In who's smokin'? on January 15, 2009 at 5:05 pm

.earlier this week juelz santana challenge snoop dogg to a smoke-a-thon. now you really think you smoke more than snoop? dudes prolly old enough to be your father real talk but all that side, new york just start smokin kush in 2000, l.a.’s been the smoke & choke capital for the longest time, you gotta get your weight up before you come messin with cali on some marijuana ish. the smoke-a-thon was started a few days ago but by the look of things it looks like dogg pound member daz is taking the 1st place position.

snoop dogg, juelz santana & daz

snoop dogg, juelz santana & daz